The GRIVAN GROUP Ltd., is a company that implementes and maintains  quality management systems conform to the highest European standards.

These certificates prove and guarantee the absolute quality of our products and services.


Being increasingly focused on the environmental impact of our operations, our products and the services the company has adapted the environmental standards and demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact in daily operations. The certificate demonstrates our environmental responsibility, showing proof of our commitment.

A certified environmental management system enables:

Monitoring and maintaining of legislative compliance and monitoring of environmental performance.

Reduce waste.

Facilities in funding procedures and bureaucratic / administrative simplifications.

Tool support for investment decisions or technological change.

Authoring Tool and maintaining the company’s value.

Tool safeguarding of equity and transparency in acquisitions / mergers (risk management).

Ensuring a systematic and preordained approach to environmental emergencies.

Improved relationship and communication with the authorities.

Improvement of the image and reputation.

Implementations of the modalities established for the prevention of environmental crimes.

Certificate: OHSAS 18001: 2007

Grivan Group has achieved OHSAS 18001: 2007 in 2016, which shows a solid management system for health and safety legislation.

The aim is to balance the risk, to defend and protect our workforce, providing safer working conditions. It gives the possibility to Grivan Group to identify and manage the risks in the workplace, to reduce costs and downtime, improve working conditions and to motivate staff.

OHSAS 18001 allows us to initiate controls for identified risks and achieve better working conditions in our organization by reducing accidents and diseases at work. Through this certificate Grivan Group demonstrates compliance with international standards.

Certification: ISO 9001 : 2008

Grivan Group obtained the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, standard adopted in more than a hundred countries. The introduction of a quality management system allows rationalizing and optimizing of managerial and productive processes.

The certification shows that Grivan Group, through the declaration of an independent officially recognized agency, meets the requirements and is capable of assuring the declared quality level for its own products/services constantly. The certification stands as a warranty of the continuous effort spent for the achievement of the quality targets, improving the company’s image and further increasing the mutual satisfaction in our relationships with customers and suppliers.

Moreover the ISO 9001:2008 certification gives Grivan Group the possibility to participate in auctions (when it’s part of the requirements) and the possibility to venture into new markets, especially foreign.

SOA Certified

SOA is a certification that qualifies the company to participate in public procurement in the categories of works and amount charts, both commensurate with skills and experience that the company has demonstrated to the Certification Body.
This certificate ensures the elements of qualification and compliance requirements of the Community provisions on qualification of executors of public works subjects.

It demonstrates the ability to perform on their own the enforcement activities, restructuring and maintenance of specific processes that require a particular specialization and professionalism.

The qualification requires actual operational and organizational capacity of production factors, specific expertise in the technical coordination of work activities, in economic and financial management and knowledge of all the technical and administrative rules.

Our Clients

Customers of Grivan Group does not belong to a single sector are companies of different sizes as well as different is the type of activity and its target market. The services offered by Grivan Group are therefore customized and are reflected in exclusive relationships, set in a highly professional manner.