We Are Grivan Group, And We Deserve 5 Star Rating.

Founded in 1990 and develops a strong specialization in the design and implementation of transport systems, achieving a long experience in the automotive sector...

Our Services

Guarantee the customer the proper operation of the system by eliminating the risk of the stops is our responsibility.

Proposal Management

In this phase there are carried out feasibility studies of a plant or machine, especially when the customer needs are varied, and when the client requires a specific technical solution.


This is the construction of service and supply of components, either at the request of customers and design, but especially for the supply of components designed from the same company.


At this stage the company is involved in directing large contracts in name of a single customer who requests the service, so it is the company that totally replaces the customer to direct and control the execution of the work.

Site Manager

The construction sites direction, in the presence of an engineer, is the service for which the company proceeds in directing the technical and logistical stages for the sole installation of the systems or installations.

Project management

This is the direction of service contracts in the pure robe management, without going into the technical and logistical merits of the order.

Parts supply

Spare parts supply service for systems components designed and supplied by the company, or to components of other installations on customer demand.

Our Mission

Grivan Group in addition to producing technologically advanced products, reliable, functional and excellent also makes use of a service equally exceptional post sales.

  • Experience of 26 years
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Software Optimization
  • Automation Equipment

Our Clients

Customers of Grivan Group does not belong to a single sector are companies of different sizes as well as different is the type of activity and its target market. The services offered by Grivan Group are therefore customized and are reflected in exclusive relationships, set in a highly professional manner.